Homily for the second Sunday of Lent - Year A - Mt. 17:1-9
Canon Dr. Daniel Meynen
" After six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain apart. And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light. And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him. And Peter said to Jesus, «Lord, it is well that we are here; if you wish, I will make three booths here, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah.» He was still speaking, when lo, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, «This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.» When the disciples heard this, they fell on their faces, and were filled with awe. But Jesus came and touched them, saying, «Rise, and have no fear.» And when they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only. And as they were coming down the mountain, Jesus commanded them, «Tell no one the vision, until the Son of man is raised from the dead.» "
On the Mystery of the Transfiguration, the Synoptics - Matthew, Mark, and Luke - differ little from each other. If one were to comment on them, the texts one would produce would all be on an identical subject, but slightly different each time. This is what I have done in the last six years: I commented twice on the passage of Saint Matthew, and likewise for Saint Mark and Saint Luke. In addition, there is also a commentary on Saint Mark, for August 6, 2000, the feast of the Transfiguration, which fell on a Sunday. In total, you can read seven different texts on the same subject. These seven texts exist in French and in English; three of them have also been translated into Spanish. So I invite you to have a look at all of these homilies, whose locations I will provide at the end of this message. For now, I would like to add a word, in this year 2005.
When the Angel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will conceive and give birth to a son, the Son of God, the consent he receives from Mary is a consent that is expressed in the name of all humanity (cf. Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, IIIa, q. 30, a. 1, corp.). This fact gives to the Incarnation and to the Conception of Christ a universal dimension, one that concerns every man and woman on earth, from Adam and Eve to the last humans. Christ, conceived in this manner, thus bears, through the consent of Mary, a certain trust that comes from all humanity. In other words, through the consent of Mary on the day of the Incarnation of the Word, every man and woman has placed in Christ a seed of faith and hope in the Savior of the world!
It is this seed of trust, it is this seed of faith and hope that pours from the Heart of Christ on the day of his Transfiguration! Already, on this day, the Church appears as she will on the day of her Resurrection, at the end of time! For the Church is all those who believe in Christ and who hope in Him! Already, on this day, appears the Church, who is signified by the white clothing of Christ, clothing of a whiteness that no fuller on earth could produce (cf. Mk. 9:3)! Already, on this day, the Church appears, borne by Christ, sustained by Him, by his grace, by his Holy Spirit, by the Love of the Father! Already, on this day, the Church hopes in her Salvation, in Christ, through Mary! Amen!

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