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Homilies in English

The next homily: August 6, 2023 - Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord - Year A

Some years ago, I wrote homilies on the Gospel of Sundays and several
important feasts.  The original texts were in French, but a friend of mine,
Antoine Valentim, from Montreal, Canada, translated them into his native
language.  These very good translations are stored in ten folders:
4 for the liturgical year "A", 3 for the year "B", and also 3 for the year "C".
The listings of these folders can be read by clicking the links below:

- year A,
1st series
- year A, 2nd series
- year A, 3rd series
- year A, 4th series

- year B, 1st series
- year B, 2nd series
- year B, 3rd series

- year C, 1st series
- year C, 2nd series
- year C, 3rd series

May God bless you, through Mary!

Canon Dr. Daniel Meynen

January 1st, 2023