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Spiritual theology

In 1987, I began to do some research on the action of the Holy Spirit
in the Church through the Eucharist and the Virgin Mary, the last
being our Mediatrix close to the unique Mediator, Christ our Lord.
From time to time, I wrote the results of my research in some books
and articles.  You will find below the listing of these papers.  They are
ordered by date, showing thus the progression of my understanding
of this matter.

The Eucharist: the Church in the Heart of Christ - 1995 - html, pdf

The same, printed

A Stone in the Church of God: Cephas - 1996 - html, pdf

The same, printed

The Person of the Holy Spirit - 1998

The Person of the Father - 1999

The Most Holy Trinity - 2000

The Breaking of the Bread, or Notes on the relation between the grace of God and the free will of man - 2001 - html, pdf

"Such is our faith!" - 2006

Profession of Faith - 2007

Ecclesial Communion through the Eucharist - 2009 - pdf

Have a good reading!

Canon Dr. Daniel Meynen

June 8, 2014